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The KIDNAPPED Entanglement EOFY Sale!

Everyone else gets an EOFY Sale... So why can't I?  I'm so happy to not only be launching my debut novel KIDNAPPED Entanglement eBook, but also to be starting it with my EOFY sale! All the stores get a sale at the end of the financial year, so I'm jumping on the bandwagon too: I… Continue reading The KIDNAPPED Entanglement EOFY Sale!


Underground Book Dealers

"Do you have the stuff?""Yeah, you got the cash?""Wait! The cops are coming, hide it!" I know, I know... but as cliche as the above conversation may be, it was the kind of intro I was looking for, so I ran with it. Recently, I published a short story 'The Last Bookstore' (link at the… Continue reading Underground Book Dealers