Secret Behind The Scenes | CGSP FB Live

Looking like a kidnapper (or worse) in the middle of the forest, and a pandemic... Yeah, that seems sensible! I couldn't help it though, because I'm on a deadline! So I'm sharing the behind the scenes with you! My latest Facebook Live took place when I was out doing 'secret' and special filming for my… Continue reading Secret Behind The Scenes | CGSP FB Live


Happy New Year…BANG (Furious Fiction)

Below is a Furious Fiction written for the AWC in January 2020 - Enjoy!   Happy New Year... BANG “Three, Two, One! Happy New Year!” Cheering echoed through the city. “Cue the fireworks,” Elliot chirped beside me, as the sky lit up. I peeled my eyes away from the spectacular display in my binoculars, and… Continue reading Happy New Year…BANG (Furious Fiction)