christy grace kidnapped entanglement book trailer

Kidnapped Entanglement | Book Trailer

Screams echoed in the street…. 

Jaz Lewis watches as a woman is being kidnapped, and decides that she can’t stand by any longer. As she goes to help, she gets pulled into the kidnapping of heiress Megan Campbell, and taken along. Now, the only chance at survival, is to escape.

When Aaron Campbell finds out that his wife has been taken, he searches to find answers. When the kidnappers give him 48 hours to hand over what they want, his only choice is to enlist the help of Detective Tony Lewis – Jaz’s father.


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My book is SO CLOSE to being released!
I can’t wait to finally share this story with the world. So, because I can’t wait – here’s a book trailer to let YOU know what the feel of the story will be about.

Kidnapped Entanglement a thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you root for escapes, treasure hunting (sort of), and bonds to form.

If you want to get a copy to read and review, I’ll send you the book at a HUGE discount, just for letting the world know what you think! PLUS, with every copy sold, 10% is donated to A21 to help in the fight to END HUMAN SLAVERY!
If that’s you, send me through an email below: 

Otherwise, I’ll be updating on the final steps, the book launch, and more on all my socials so head to those as well.

See You in The Adventures!
Christy Grace

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