The Bachelor Meets Hunger Games…?

I decided to jump (very late - years late in fact) on the band wagon and read The Selection trilogy. So, how did I find it and what were the good, and bad's for the series? Here are my thoughts on each book in the original trilogy (I have yet to read the other few… Continue reading The Bachelor Meets Hunger Games…?


Hunger Games | Book Vs Movie

Kids fighting to the death to be the ultimate victor and live in luxury... Okay, it wasn't my first choice in reading material when The Hunger Games came out! I finally ended up READING Book 1 of The Hunger Games, and did a comparison of the movie, to the book. So, who won out, and… Continue reading Hunger Games | Book Vs Movie


Fantasy Book Recommendations

Sometimes we all need to just escape from the world we live in, to see just how bad pretend people, in a fantasy world really have it. There are so many amazing fantasy books out there, but here are five that I've read, and would recommend you add to your pile also!       The… Continue reading Fantasy Book Recommendations