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A girl on fire, a mocking jay, and a world that is just bat crap crazy upside down bananas! 

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Hunger games was a corker when it came out, and even more so when the movies graced our screen in the YA movie era of fame and acclaim. So, when I went back to read the books for the first time in 2021, the craze was well and truly passed.

But, something that people have been debating since the book, and subsequently the movie, came out, is whether Katniss should have ended up with Peeta or Gale, and now that I’ve seen the movie AND read the book, I’m weighing in on this classic debate!

Hunger Games' Fans, Let's Settle This Once and For All: Team Peeta or Team  Gale? | Entertainment Tonight

I haven’t looked into what ANYONE has said on this topic, I’m just going off my own observations, so here we go:


Pros – Katniss has known Gale for a long time, and in a personal way (not just from afar and once when he threw some food scraps her way). They’ve been hunting partners a while, know each other well and already have some sizzle from the start of where we pick up the books/movies. Gale would protect Katniss no matter what – he’d go down swinging and never hesitate. He’s a warrior who is all in.

Cons – Gale can be very one minded/focussed. He hates the world they live in, and is so desperate to change it, that he rushes into alliances which might actually not be positive, or provide good results. If he thinks something is the right way to go, he doesn’t support anyone else (ie Katniss), and thinks he’s got things sorted out. Gale loves Katniss, but in a way that seems to be conditional.

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Pros – Peeta and Katniss bond over the horrors of the games, and this is a strong bond. Peeta has cared for Katniss in some way or another for a long while (from afar), and showed compassion to her in a low moment by providing her with bread when she needed it (at personal risk mind you). He has a caring heart, and is compassionate while also being strong of heart. He can also throw some heavy stuff around, which would come in really handy around the house (ladies, am I right?!).

Cons – Peeta is a bit of a weenie. Let’s not shy away from it. He gets more courageous as the story moves forward, but he’s still a bit of a sooky la la. Bonds from trials and chaos don’t always last when it all dies down and normal life sets in. You can’t base a real relationship on something as fleeting as danger – especially when that won’t be a constant – something about Peeta and Katniss feels like this. When the wars are over, and things are “normal” and they do life like everyone else, they (particularly Katniss) will be bored with their lives, and eventually each other. Peeta is also a secret manipulator. In the first Hunger Games, we see him using their relationship to stay alive, and hide things from not only Katniss, but the viewers. It wouldn’t be too hard for him to translate this into a home situation when he really wanted something.

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Okay, that’s my brief pros and cons of each guy, so what’s the verdict?

I think Katniss should have ended up with Peeta. I think Gale was a little too set on overthrowing the regime, and righting all the wrongs (either real, or imagined by him) at any cost. Peeta seemed to have Katniss in mind when he faces whatever it is that he’s got in front of him. His compassionate and kind nature gives him an edge for me, because that’s what allows a person (particularly a man) to be a good leader, and a good partner. It allows strength, because you have the ability, and aren’t afraid to show these important qualities.

So, do you agree with my decision? Share in the comments if you do, or don’t and why! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

See You in The Adventures!

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