The Bachelor Meets Hunger Games…?

I decided to jump (very late – years late in fact) on the band wagon and read The Selection trilogy. So, how did I find it and what were the good, and bad’s for the series?

Here are my thoughts on each book in the original trilogy (I have yet to read the other few that came out afterwards, so this is where I’m focussing my opinions!):

The Selection:

This book was cute, emotional, interesting And utterly ridiculous all mixed into one.
I don’t like “The Bachelor” but this was so much better that I didn’t mind the element of the story (especially when you consider no rose ceremony or the other silliness that normally comes with the show).
The banter and characters were fun, and the world was interesting. One minor irritation was that some of the world building felt a little too delayed and I was left to just skim over some things and hoping it eventually got explained (it did – things like the number system).
It surprised me how much I enjoyed this book, and I’m very glad.

Content: some tame but intense romantic scenes

*4 Stars

The Elite:

I liked book two. The character interactions were still interesting and entertaining. My main complaint was that the continuing plot felt drawn out to a point where the story doesn’t matter anymore.
It has now been aprox 600 pages – with another 300 or so – of a competition that realistically could have been done in 400 all up. Most of this felt like padding, and I don’t know how to consider the final book.
All in all, good but not great. Not as good as the first, but still engaging enough.

*3 stars

The One:

The first book was great; the second felt like filler, but the third was my favourite!
This was a great end to the trilogy of America and Maxon’s story – it had the good, bad and the ugly. Including hilarious and heart warming/wrenching moments.
I was really impressed with the series overall, and pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

Content warning: some more intense kissing scenes, but that was the extent of it

*4 stars

If you wanted to see my thoughts on this series on Booktube, here is the link for that as well:

Have you read The Selection? What did YOU think of it – share in the comments

See You in the Adventures!
Christy Grace

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