Reading My First Mistborn Book (Brandon Sanderson)

This is officially my first experience in the cosmere, and I was of two minds! So this is not my first Brandon Sanderson book, and I have watched all the fantasy writing classes that he ran and were posted to Youtube. So I know a bit about his writing, and what he brings to the… Continue reading Reading My First Mistborn Book (Brandon Sanderson)


List of Favourite Fantasy Books

Fantasy is becoming more and more popular, and I am not exempt from the craze! I LOVE a well written fantasy story, but I do have caveats... There are some fantasy stories that I just don't read, and probably won't. If a story has too much magic, or almost any serious witchcraft I will NOT… Continue reading List of Favourite Fantasy Books


Fantasy Book Recommendations

Sometimes we all need to just escape from the world we live in, to see just how bad pretend people, in a fantasy world really have it. There are so many amazing fantasy books out there, but here are five that I've read, and would recommend you add to your pile also!       The… Continue reading Fantasy Book Recommendations