Who’s the BEST “Man of Steel”?

Superman has been a classic favourite for many film and tv show creators. So we've seen many a Man of Steel come and go - so who's the BEST one?  Well, I'll let you decide who YOU think is best, but here's a list of some that I really enjoyed - in no particular order… Continue reading Who’s the BEST “Man of Steel”?


Top 10 DC Heroes

Who could go past Superman or Wonder Woman these days? I can't! So I'm listing 10 of the best DC Superheroes... This list includes those in my limited comic knowledge, so let me know if I missed some of YOUR favs! In no particular order, here they are: Aquaman Batman   Green Arrow   Hawkgirl… Continue reading Top 10 DC Heroes

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Top 10 DC Villains

There are so many SuperVillains out there - and Marvel doesn't have the monopoly on villains! Here's the top DC list... With my (again) limited comic knowledge, here is the list in NO particular order of the best Villains that DC has to offer: Captain Cold   Deadshot   Gorilla Grodd   Lex Luthor  … Continue reading Top 10 DC Villains

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Am I Really A Comic Book Person? | I SPY, IN JULY

Superpowers, heroes, and villains... Does liking all those in movies and TV shows automatically mean you'll enjoy comic books? I launch into my experience - from the first comic I ever bought, to my fascination with all things super. >>Check all about my book - KIDNAPPED Entanglement >>>here Are you a superhero/comic book… Continue reading Am I Really A Comic Book Person? | I SPY, IN JULY