Who’s the BEST “Man of Steel”?

Superman has been a classic favourite for many film and tv show creators. So we've seen many a Man of Steel come and go - so who's the BEST one?  Well, I'll let you decide who YOU think is best, but here's a list of some that I really enjoyed - in no particular order… Continue reading Who’s the BEST “Man of Steel”?


Top 10 DC Heroes

Who could go past Superman or Wonder Woman these days? I can't! So I'm listing 10 of the best DC Superheroes... This list includes those in my limited comic knowledge, so let me know if I missed some of YOUR favs! In no particular order, here they are: Aquaman Batman   Green Arrow   Hawkgirl… Continue reading Top 10 DC Heroes

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Am I Really A Comic Book Person? | I SPY, IN JULY

Superpowers, heroes, and villains... Does liking all those in movies and TV shows automatically mean you'll enjoy comic books? I launch into my experience - from the first comic I ever bought, to my fascination with all things super. >>Check all about my book - KIDNAPPED Entanglement >>>here Are you a superhero/comic book… Continue reading Am I Really A Comic Book Person? | I SPY, IN JULY