Superpowers Anyone?

“To infinity, and beyond!”
“Holy guacamole, Batman!”
“I am Iron Man.”

Superheroes are IN right now. Whether you’re a Marvel movie fan, a DC TV show fan, or comic book fanatic – they are in style. They got a revamp, and I am in the category of ‘Fan’!

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I love superhero movies, tv shows, and anything in between. In fact, if you’ve been keeping up with my posts and social media, you’d probably have seen a few posts over the years that confirm it.

One of the most popular questions that come out of discussing superheroes, is POWERS! What one would you want – if you could only have one? What would your superhero name be? Do you get a sidekick?

As I was writing my super spy series (Hannah Carmichael Chronicles), the thought came up again. Not because Hannah has superpowers, but because she has skills that inspired the question in my mind. She’s a SUPER spy, so why couldn’t I be a SUPER-HERO?


I need to give the question of What power some very series thought. So in the meantime, I want to know what superpower YOU would want? Flying, strength, and telekinesis are some of the most popular, but is there something else you’ve always wanted??

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