Gallagher Girl Series Review | Ally Carter

Another week, another series review! This time, it’s one that I stumbled across without any knowledge, and fell in love with after book one! The Gallagher Girls – teenage spies in training…

Yes, I know how that sounds – and looks when you type it out – but there’s something about this series that even as an adult I still love. It’s about a group of girls who are in a special and elite private school, that secretly is a training ground for female spies! So, let me share a bit about the books and why I think they’re worth reading (and as with some of these reviews, it’s been a while since I read them so I’m going totally off memory!)

I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have To Kill You

Cammie is a spy in training at the Gallagher Academy – supposedly a school for genius level young ladies, but not everything is as it seems. So when she meets a regular boy, who thinks she is a regular girl, and falls for him, she’s in trouble. It’s difficult to start a relationship by hiding who you really are, and add to that fact that you’re able to hack into his life and you’ve got a complicated situation!

This was a pretty soft start into the series. It was about what you’d expect from the above description, spy in training goes to school and defuses bombs, talking in French, then gets her first boyfriend in her spare time. The series really takes off into some fun places, and even though this was a very soft start it was just enough introduction into Cammie’s spy world that kept me interested to see where it would all go.

Cross My Heart and Hope To Spy

There are intruders in the Gallagher Academy… and they are tougher (and hotter) than ever before. A boys spy school are guests at Gallagher and while Cammie tries to figure out if she can give away her heart again, things are happening that could endanger everyone.

The addition of Blackthorne boys was amazing. I LOVED this side of the series, where we get to face off girls against boys and see who makes the better spies. There also brings another romantic element which Ally uses through the series in an exciting way.

Don’t Judge A Girl By Her Cover

Cammie is back and this time, she’s a Junior. When her best friend is targeted for kidnapping or worse, she will do anything to protect her. When the hot Blackthorne boy, Zach, shows up again she isn’t sure what to think about it – or him. Figuring out what the bad guys want, and who they really are leads to dangerous adventure.

We start really getting into the arching story in this book. There have been things going on in the background that are starting to be revealed, and it’s fun to see it all unfold. Spies (in books at least) have trouble knowing who to trust and what to do in the face of betrayal and friendship. I loved seeing Cammie balance duty with friendship, and trying to have it all.

Only The Good Spy Young

The organisation that’s been working in the background is after Cammie and she’s going to have to decide who to trust. Someone has been labelled a traitor, and as she and her friends try to make sense of it all, she’s trying to hold her heart close to her chest.

Things are really heating up in this book. We get more information about the bigger threat, and start seeing cracks in everyone’s facade. The relationship with Zach and Cammie has been back and forth, and I loved seeing them continue with added complications.

Out of Sight, Out of Time

Cammie Morgan – spy in training – meets Jason Bourne. Cammie has woken up in an Alpine convent with no memory of what happened during the summer… just the bruises. As she and her spy-in-training friends try to piece it all together, the Circle of Cavan (an evil organisation after Cammie) is trying to stop her from remembering.

I’ve read a Bourne book – well, half of one – and this was nothing like that. I loved this story as we try to work backwards with Cammie and figure out what devastating secret led to her memory loss. With only one book left, things really come to an exciting point in this book!

United We Spy

Cammie is close to graduating, but she has to try and balance that with her fight against the evil organisation Circle of Cavan. They’re planning something that would devastate the world, and she and her friends have to try and figure out how to stop it all.

Okay, I know the idea that a teenage spy in training could save the world from a big terror threat is a little thin, but this series made you believe it could be possible (sorta)! The final part to the story, all answers revealed and an ending that I had conflicting feelings about… But it was a wild ride!

There they are, in all their glory. And with a new book coming out of Ally’s that’s similar vibes but an adult fiction, not YA maybe this is the perfect time to read or re-read the series!

See You in the Adventures!
Christy Grace

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