The Hannah Carmichael Chronicles has gone into some really cool ‘Spy’ stuff over the last year or so! One of which, was a ‘briefing’ document I made… *cough Cough* I mean, FOUND which needed to be heavily redacted!

To check out the Redacted ‘Top Secret’ document, see the link below:

As far as the REAL ‘Classified’ documents in your respective countries go, they all seem to have one Common feature – Redactions….

You know, those Black marks that look like smudges you just want to scratch off?
(Also an interesting thought to ponder – redactions that act like a ‘scratchy’ – just put on the right glove, then scratch away the black ink and read away!)

Recently, I had fun searching through former FBI Classified files about Frank Sinatra – because who knew he was linked to the Mob!! (Hint: Apparently NOT me). They all looked similar to my HCC redacted document – black covered the ‘good bits’.
The stuff that would give away those important names, places or info that may risk an ongoing investigation or witness from getting rubbed out (get it???).

Have you ever seen a real, honest to goodness, redacted ‘classified’ document? Let me know in the Comments below!

See you in the Adventures!

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