I am a Super Spy

“I am a Super Spy!”

Have you ever wanted to say that to somebody? You know, without having to kill them afterwards for National Security reasons….

I am ferociously working on new Hannah Carmichael Chronicles Instalments because THINGS ARE GETTING CRAZY!

If you tuned in to the last one, you will know that Hannah and Zeke’s future is unknown right now. Cliff hangers can be frustrating, BUT they will be back in Two Weeks. If that isn’t soon enough – don’t worry, because I flashback instalment will be uploaded at the end of this week to tide you over in the meantime.

Hannah Carmichael may not label herself a ‘Super Spy’ but others certainly do.

What would you do if you were a spy? Traveling the world, fighting for good (or not – depending on who you work for – is Dr Evil still around?? 😛 ), being a general badass… normal stuff.

If I could have said “I am a Super Spy” and it actually be true, part of me thinks that would be the coolest thing ever; but most of me (the sane part of me) knows that it’s better for me to be behind the keyboard.

Last but not least, I have a present for everyone still reading… A very special message from Hannah Carmichael herself!!!

“CGSP Readers: The stories you read about me have been officially declassified and are available only on ChristyGraceScarletPen. If you want to know the Truth, not just the government cover stories, keep reading to see just how far CGT goes.”

…. Well then, thanks Hannah – that’s not concerning at all.

Anyway, enjoy the coming instalments!

-Christy Grace

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