Spork Vs Splade | Classic Debates

You know that thing which isn't quite a fork, not a spook, and not a knife... It's kinda all in one? WHAT IS that thing called? I actually didn't realise this was a debate until the last few years, because as far as I (and apparently everyone else around me) was concerned, this amazing utensil… Continue reading Spork Vs Splade | Classic Debates

food budget

Food On A Budget

So right now, I'm doing food on a budget. How does that look? And can you even get any good food for as little as $50 a fortnight (or $25 a week!!)?  Lockdowns have caused funds to dwindle (especially mine, where my day job is school photography. Not an essential service apparently). So I'm trying… Continue reading Food On A Budget

mrs cropley vicar dibley spy july

Food According To Mrs Cropley (Vicar of Dibley) | I SPY, IN JULY

A great experimenter, or food that was just ghastly? Well, I'm putting Mrs Cropley to the test! Mrs Cropley was a lovely lady in season 1 of the Vicar of Dibley, who made just horrible sounding food... So, I'm making it and eating it of course. >>Check all about my first book - KIDNAPPED… Continue reading Food According To Mrs Cropley (Vicar of Dibley) | I SPY, IN JULY

mre food video

Food For 24hrs | CGSP Video

What do people in post apocalyptic worlds eat? An MRE perhaps....?   I bought an MRE to try for research. What would it be like to eat food that has super long shelf lives, and is designed for soldiers and disaster relief survivors?? You’ll find out! Check out the video below: >>Get all the… Continue reading Food For 24hrs | CGSP Video


Blessings Guilt

I have a difficult time accepting a compliment. I have a difficult time accepting a gift. I have a difficult time knowing that I have enough money to support myself - and beyond that - while also being aware that others have no home, no job, no food, and no little to no belongings. When… Continue reading Blessings Guilt