Spork Vs Splade | Classic Debates

You know that thing which isn’t quite a fork, not a spook, and not a knife… It’s kinda all in one? WHAT IS that thing called?

spork - Wiktionary

I actually didn’t realise this was a debate until the last few years, because as far as I (and apparently everyone else around me) was concerned, this amazing utensil (most often in plastic form – sorry world saving people), was called a Spork).

Forky GIFs | Tenor

Now, some people stick to their guns, no matter what you say – especially in a CLASSIC debate that’s been raging for decades, or since the world began… like Spork V Splade. But I actually have a very simple solution (short of renaming them to become “Foons”)….

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When a fork/spoon is combined WITHOUT a serrated edge, that is called a SPORK.

Is chess a spork? - Chess Forums -



When a fork/spoon is combined WITH a serrated edge, that is called a SPLADE.

Somebody Gave Us a Spork We Actually Want to Use | WIRED

Debate settled.


Do you agree with my fix? Share your reasoning in the comments! 

See You in The Adventures!

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