Changing Things Up

WIFE – “Do you notice anything different about me?”
HUSBAND – “What?”
WIFE – “I changed something, what is it?”
HUSBAND – “Ummm, did you change your clothes?”
WIFE – “No! What’s different?”
HUSBAND – “…….”
WIFE – “I changed my hair colour!”
HUSBAND – “It’s still blonde…”
WIFE – “It’s a darker SHADE of blonde.”

I have to admit (and no judging here), i’m usually a lot like the Husband in that scenario. I’m not good at picking up on subtle changes, but sometimes I have my moments. My sister in particular, is someone who changes things up all the time! Her hair is a different colour, style, length etc every few months – THAT, I can usually notice. BUT, if she changed her earrings, forget it Jack – I wouldn’t pick it up at ALL.

When it comes to changing up your look, if you’re going for a drastic change, most people would be able to tell that you look different. Recently, I got my sweeping side fringe back, and the amount of people who commented (either that I looked different, or noticing the fringe) was huge!

Hannah Carmichael recently had to change up her look; after the world and the spy agency CGT thought she was dead, she couldn’t very well head out looking the same! If someone spotted her, their undercover advantage would be gone!
So, she changed her hair, put in colour contacts and dressed differently – small changes, but if you looked at her at a glance, you probably wouldn’t put it together (particularly because the world thought she was Dead)
I’ll pop the link to Hannah’s transformation instalment at the bottom of this post so you can check out her changes yourself!

I steer away from changing how I look too much – it took me 26 years to colour my hair for the first time! But, I think if I was going to change it up COMPLETELY, I would go with an eclectic quirky vibe (like all those Brave souls in cities all over the world – wearing whatever they want, regardless. Like a dress made of meat :P).
Sometimes I can be brave with my fashion choices, but if I could go down to Kmart wearing pool floaties on my arms, a pink tutu and long knee high purple socks with sneakers, I would… maybe

But not every style suits every person – I know for a FACT, that I wouldn’t suit the grunge look or attitude! Then again, if I was on the run, it’s the opposite of my personality, so maybe it would be a good look to go for…. hmmmmmmm

How many times have you changed up your hair, or your personal style? I want to hear about the cool, unusual, and perhaps regrettable changes you’ve made! Comment below and share the stories – and don’t forget to Like this post and share it with a friend who’s gotten a bad haircut, or a good one – or maybe they wore only Pink for four years… who knows!

Check out the link to the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles instalment where Hannah and Stephanie adjust to their own new looks at the link below:

See You in the Adventures!

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