Top 20 Writer’s Jokes

There are lots of jokes out there - and writer's aren't exempt! So I put together 20 of the some great ones, so I hope you enjoy having a giggle at our expense. Here's 20 jokes, but trust me... there are so many more!! What do you call a writer who doesn't follow the rules… Continue reading Top 20 Writer’s Jokes


The Worst Date, or the Best?

You're sitting on a romantic moonlit lake, in a small canoe with the cute guy across from you, so what does he say? Girls are a waste of time and romantic songs are all written by stupid drunks... uh, okay...? Wait, hold the phone... is that really a date? Can it really be romantic when… Continue reading The Worst Date, or the Best?


It’s A Wrap | I SPY, IN JULY

Well, it is all over red rover. The I Spy In July journey has come to an end. It's a wrap, as they say...  Although I'm sad about it, I'm also happy - because I get to share some of the funniest and best moments in the last month's journey! Here's the list of all… Continue reading It’s A Wrap | I SPY, IN JULY

tiktok spy july

A Writer’s TikTok | I SPY, IN JULY

Ever wonder what us weirdo authors end up posting on TikTok? Well, here's your answer.... I've put a snapshot of the highlight videos from my @christygracescarletpen TikTok account. >>Check all about my first book - KIDNAPPED Entanglement >>>here   If you want to see more, you can look me up and scroll through… Continue reading A Writer’s TikTok | I SPY, IN JULY

lucy golf spy july

Golf Accoring To I Love Lucy | I SPY, IN JULY

What is a stimey, dormie and niblik? Are they real golf terms, or just something that Ricky and Fred made up? I Love Lucy is a classic, and one of my favourite episodes was "the Golf Game" where Ricky and Fred try to teach their wives such a difficult game, that they'd never want to… Continue reading Golf Accoring To I Love Lucy | I SPY, IN JULY