That Really Exists?? (Legal Edition)

Okay, these are some SILLY sounding laws – that either STILL exist, or did at one point! 

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It is illegal to hold Salmon (yes the fish), under suspicious circumstances. 

This one comes from England and Wales from 1986! It’s actually referring to illegally fished Salmon, but it sounds odd so I included it.


Chickens are NOT allowed to cross the road in Quitman, Georgia – it’s illegal. 

Have your farm animals under control at all times people!


You CAN’T change a lightbulb, unless you’re an electrician! 

Up until 1998, in Victoria Australia it was illegal to just change a simple lightbulb without being an electrician. (There’s probably a lightbulb joke in there somewhere, but I’m moving on…)


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It’s a legal requirement to SMILE (funerals and hospitals excepted)! 

In Milan, Italy that was from Austro-Hungarian times and there’s no excuse for being down in the mouth… literally.


No sleeping Donkeys in your bathtub after 7pm!

Arizona passed this one in 1924 after a dam broke and lots of resources were used to save a poor, stranded donkey.

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Have you heard any other unusual laws? Share them in the comments!


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See You in The Adventures!

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