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My Writing Inspirations | I SPY, IN JULY

There are so many things to draw inspirations on. A lovely breeze, the smell of fresh baked cookies, or a small little ally that's the perfect place to dump a body after a murder.... Okay, maybe that last one is a little specific to a crime writer.... I'm talking about the things that inspire me,… Continue reading My Writing Inspirations | I SPY, IN JULY


Bullying Is An Ugly Word

Bullying. It's an UGLY word with a lot of negativity attached to it. Usually, Bullies have been bullied. Usually, victims are innocent. Usually, bullying is scarring for all involved. Everyone is different - that's life. We have many different cultures and many different personalities. Being bullied is not an excuse or a reason TO bully.… Continue reading Bullying Is An Ugly Word


Meant For Me…?

Over the last year when I left my stable full time job to seek out more creative work, I applied for one in particular that I secured an interview for! But, something came through in the confirmation email that was NOT what I bargained for.  What was supposed to come? A map of the area… Continue reading Meant For Me…?


What’s Stopping You…?

Hello friends; writers, readers, life livers, everyone really. WHAT'S STOPPING YOU? I found myself in an interesting position recently. Along with everyone else, I've been in lockdown at home - which means i've been able to write more and work on my 1st book manuscript a lot (which is great!). So, when a familiar writing… Continue reading What’s Stopping You…?