Bullying Is An Ugly Word

It’s an UGLY word with a lot of negativity attached to it. Usually, Bullies have been bullied. Usually, victims are innocent. Usually, bullying is scarring for all involved.

Everyone is different – that’s life. We have many different cultures and many different personalities. Being bullied is not an excuse or a reason TO bully. If you’ve been pushed down and abused, you know how it feels. You know how it can affect someone.
Being bullied is not an excuse to bully.

A lot of people turn a blind eye to someone being picked on. They pretend it isn’t happening; that there’s nothing they could do about it anyway.

Workplace bullying.jpg

Some people think there aren’t clicks. Not in their workplace surely!
Maybe in other offices, but never in our.
The sad news, is that bullying is everywhere. In our schools, in our workplaces, in our clubs and online; it’s as much an epidemic as any virus.

Bullying kills. Bullying scars. Bullying is an ugly word.

Love is blind to different. Love is accepting. Love is strong. Love is a BEAUTIFUL word.

Strength is more than just physical. Strength is more than superficial. To show sympathy, empathy and compassion are not weak – it shows strength.


There’s a lot of pressure when two or more gang up on someone to follow. But there is also a lot of power when two or more gather to defend or pray.
Love heals, restores, FORGIVES, and is patient.

If someone is hurt, be there to heal. If someone is lost, be there to lead the way.
If someone is being bullied, dare to do something.
Stopping bullying doesn’t have to be a huge display. All you have to do is stand up and speak.

Someone Has To Speak Up Someone Has To Get Mad GIF ...

If you feel an urge to say something that you know is hurtful, take a minute and think about the roles being reversed. It’s not enough to just agree with the idea that bullying is bad. We need to recognise when WE are doing the bullying.
Everyone has something that can be attacked. Everyone has something about themselves that they wish they could change; that they don’t like. EVERYONE.

Most people have been bullied at least once.
Peers, parents, relatives, strangers. It can happen from anywhere at any time.
There is nothing we can do about how others treat us, but there is always something we can do about how we treat others.

Much Love
Christy Grace


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