Meant For Me…?

Over the last year when I left my stable full time job to seek out more creative work, I applied for one in particular that I secured an interview for! But, something came through in the confirmation email that was NOT what I bargained for. 

What was supposed to come? A map of the area and some general preparation documents.
What actually came? A shortlist for the interview candidates.

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Right away, it was clear that the shortlist document with a table containing names on the left and information filled in on the right was NOT supposed to make it’s way into my inbox. But, there it was in black and white.

I quickly closed the document down without reading anything else (I’d only seen the names and the title ‘shortlist’), but then came the decision.
This was my chance, wasn’t it? To get a one up on the competition?
What if someone else had better qualifications and experience? What if I could do or say something to look better than them? I just need to know what it is that they have over me and I’d be a shoo-in to get the gig, right?

Some people told me to read it – what’s the harm? Some people told me to delete it and NOT tell the employer about their mistake. This silly little document that wasn’t meant for my eyes was giving me insecurity against my fellow interview candidates. It was causing me to compare myself to imaginary people and doubt my own abilities – and I hadn’t even read it!

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It got me thinking. Life is a little like this sometimes. We can get an ’email’ sent to us that isn’t meant for us. It wasn’t supposed to show up in our path and seems legit. When that happens, we have two choices

You can read it, but when you do, it changes everything. Sometimes it changes the way we see ourselves or other people. Sometimes it changes the way we act, or speak to other people. Sometimes, we can let this opportunity or information cloud our mind.

The other option, is to send it right back and never look at it. Push aside that information on your college which could get you the promotion, but ruin their lives. Push aside that opportunity to move to another country, but would uproot your family and make them miserable.

I chose to be honest, and I chose to delete what wasn’t meant for me.
What are you going to choose?



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