What’s Stopping You…?

Hello friends; writers, readers, life livers, everyone really.


I found myself in an interesting position recently. Along with everyone else, I’ve been in lockdown at home – which means i’ve been able to write more and work on my 1st book manuscript a lot (which is great!).
So, when a familiar writing competition entered my view a month before Coronavirus, I thought

I don’t have time. My manuscript won’t be at a point where I want others to read it. I can’t get it to the ‘good point’ in just a month and a half. My plot is being kept under wraps for now, so I don’t want to share it.

And on, and on, goes the list.

After being able to pay A LOT of attention to the manuscript, I realised that the competition I had seen (and entered several times before – coming in 2nd in 2011 thank you very much!) was still open – For 2 more weeks…

Then you have the excuses like

Will it be good enough in 2 weeks? I can only do ONE solid round of edits – perhaps 2 if I get my butt into gear. 

Eventually though, I committed to it, and edited the crap out of that manuscript! I surprised myself and did 2 good rounds of edits, AND made the deadline with 2 days to spare 😀

I stepped out of my comfort zone, where I felt my work was ready to show, where I felt I didn’t have time, where I wasn’t sure of the outcome; and jumped head first!

So, what’s stopping you from chasing that dream you’ve been pushing off? Is it fear of failure, or because you just don’t have the time (or won’t prioritise the time…??)?

I’m so excited to have thrown my hat in the ring this year, and I know that my work is heads above anything i’d ever entered before. Regardless of the outcome, I did it. I stepped out and wasn’t afraid of failure.

So, What’s Stopping You?

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