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Home Toolbox Essentials ADVICE

What exactly should be in a toolbox? I'm talking the Essential items that every home should have?  Okay, I’m moving into my first place, and I know NOTHING about tools. Seriously, Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor would be shattered with how little I know about tools. I understand that you need them (I’m always searching… Continue reading Home Toolbox Essentials ADVICE


Rescue Mission (HCC 62)

Your Briefing: Hannah Carmichael, Super Spy, is trying to take down the corrupt Spy Agency - CGT - and stop their World War attack - CATACLYSM. She was surrounded by CGT agents and drugged, where she woke up in a snow hospital, only to realise she has no memory. Two others are with her, both… Continue reading Rescue Mission (HCC 62)


The Plans (Furious Fiction)

FURIOUS FICTION #furiousfiction Monthly short story fix? I’ve got you covered. This one was three sentences which had to be used anywhere: The door was locked. It felt familiar. She laughed. Enjoy! THE PLANS It felt familiar. The lock pick tools in her hands. She heard the tumbler click into place and smiled. Slowly she… Continue reading The Plans (Furious Fiction)