Rescue Mission (HCC 62)

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Your Briefing:
Hannah Carmichael, Super Spy, is trying to take down the corrupt Spy Agency – CGT – and stop their World War attack – CATACLYSM.
She was surrounded by CGT agents and drugged, where she woke up in a snow hospital, only to realise she has no memory. Two others are with her, both without their own memory – Stephanie Winchester and Evelyn Carmichael.
When she broke free, she saw someone she thought she recognised coming to the doors, and followed her instincts, letting them inside.
Will they be able to escape? What about CATACLYSM? Can they stop it if she can’t even remember who she is?



HCC 62


Authors Note:
Thanks so much for checking out the latest Hannah Carmichael instalment!
The next one will be coming VERY SOON, so keep an eye out to see if Hannah and Zeke can protect the Peace Talks and stop CATACLYSM!
See you in the Adventures – Christy Grace