The Plans (Furious Fiction)


Monthly short story fix? I’ve got you covered. This one was three sentences which had to be used anywhere:
The door was locked.
It felt familiar.
She laughed.


It felt familiar. The lock pick tools in her hands.
She heard the tumbler click into place and smiled. Slowly she pushed the door open and tiptoed inside. She shut the door and used the moonlight to make her way into the study.
The plans should be in the desk that sat in the corner. She closed the door to the study behind her and opened the bottom drawer, pulling out its contents. A scratching noise to her left gave her pause and she looked to the window. The wind pushed a branch back and forth against the glass and she let out a breath.

She placed the contents onto the desk and felt around inside the empty drawer. She located the notch and clicked it. The false bottom popped out. Smiling, she pulled at it and squinted to see inside. A small white piece of paper sat in the middle of the drawer and she picked it up.
Pulling it closer to her face, she angled it towards the light and read.
She laughed. Two words were printed from an old typewriter in the middle of the paper.
‘Nice Try’.
She needed those plans.

Reaching into her pocket she pulled out her phone and clicked the home button. The light momentarily blinded her and she fumbled to turn down the brightness. As she pulled up the encrypted email with her instructions, she heard the front door open. Voices filled the house and she quickly put her phone into her pocket, looking around the room.

She smiled when she saw the bookcase on the wall to her right. It couldn’t be that easy, could it? Her heart was beating faster as she moved to the bookcase and pulled books out at random. Light entered the study through the edges of the door, the voices sounding dangerously close. Finally she pulled on a book titled ‘The Secret Room’. The bookcase jutted forward and she rolled her eyes. A little on the nose in her opinion.
Reaching behind the gap she pulled the heavy door open and slipped inside a small room. As she closed the door behind her, lights flickered on and she turned. Her mouth dropped open as she saw monitors with video footage from the house streaming live.

She watched as Andrew and Cynthia entered the study, flicking on the light. When Andrew saw the drawer open and the contents on top of the desk he shouted to Cynthia. They rushed out of the study and into the living room. Cynthia picked up a landline and Andrew began checking room after room.
She had to get out. To her left was a safe partially open and a wooden door.
She reached for the door then paused.

The plans.

Cautiously she opened the safe and smiled as she spotted the plans on the top of a document pile. She picked them up and reached for the doorknob again, cursing under her breath.

The door was locked.


– Thanks for Reading this Furious Fiction by Christy Grace
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