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Home Toolbox Essentials ADVICE

What exactly should be in a toolbox? I’m talking the Essential items that every home should have? 

Okay, I’m moving into my first place, and I know NOTHING about tools. Seriously, Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor would be shattered with how little I know about tools.
I understand that you need them (I’m always searching for a screwdriver at home), but past that – i got nothing! I need the “Toolbox Essentials” I’m sure, but a tool connoisseur, I am not… With Bunnings only click and collect thanks to lockdown right now, it means asking a hunky Bunnings staff member what to choose is out of the question.


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When I move to my new apartment, I want to stock up on the Toolbox “essential” items. I have a set of screwdrivers, and a small hammer currently in the pile, but that’s it. Personally, I was hoping that once I get into the apartment, I’d realise what I needed – but it would be too late! It could be entirely possible that I’d end up with nothing helpful, or a giant hole in the wall that I can’t fix…

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Because I am an absolute tool “newbie”, I decided to reach out for advice. Only people who already have the essentials, would know how to start! So, tool fanatics – What are the essential items that you need for a toolbox? Is a saw numero uno in the pack? Or how about a monkey wrench?

Tell me what to include in the comments, so I’m at least a little prepared! I’d love to hear your answers!

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