Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

Every criminal swears black and blue, up and down, and side to side that they're innocent. So what happens to those who are? They’re lost in a sea of claims; lost in a pool of lies. The ones who are truly innocent, don’t have a voice - they have a whisper amongst other shouting voices.… Continue reading Innocent Until Proven Guilty?


Proof Of Life (Furious Fiction)

FURIOUS FICTION #furiousfiction Another month, another 500 word story. This month, it started with a question, included the words 'Jam, Jungle and Jackpot' and ended with the word BANG - Enjoy!   PROOF OF LIFE “How long has it been?” Caleb stopped rocking back and forth and looked up at Rebecca, “Who cares? We’re going… Continue reading Proof Of Life (Furious Fiction)