Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

Every criminal swears black and blue, up and down, and side to side that they’re innocent. So what happens to those who are?

They’re lost in a sea of claims; lost in a pool of lies. The ones who are truly innocent, don’t have a voice – they have a whisper amongst other shouting voices.


The ones who are wrongly convicted, sentenced, and have their lives taken away, are also victims.
They are the ones who are characterised by prejudice and overworked representation.
They are the ones who lose in the race to freedom and justice.
They are the ones who are silenced – some, for the duration of their time here on earth.

To turn our backs on these people is inhuman. It’s cruel, impossible to believe, and each one is heart aching and heart-changing.
Many who are sentenced ARE guilty and did commit a crime which is deserving of punishment that fits their crime (which is a different discussion altogether).

The concept of justice is sometimes elusive. Killers go free, the innocent are robbed of what was once theirs, and evil is allowed to roam – but that seems to be the world we live in. We live in a place where humanity is not perfect – it lets in the darkness. Through all of that, I have to believe that there is hope and justice. If not during our lifetime, then when we die and face the ultimate and fair judge.


In the meantime, it is hard to ignore the plea of the innocent; of the victims and the silenced. The ones whose lives are cut short, because of a few dollars in the till at a petrol station. The ones who are in the wrong place and the wrong time, or match the desires of someone who is sick, and lets the darkness in.

To those people, my heartaches. To the victims and those who are wrongly convicted of crimes, my heart breaks.
But what are those of us with little power to do about it?
The only thing we can do is speak out for those who can’t. To be there for those who are victimised. Pray for those on all sides – victim, perpetrator, and judges & juries.

I want to look towards a better day, where true justice and victory on earth, will be achieved. We can look to justice, and release those who are wrongly accused – no matter who they are.

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