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DVDs Vs Streaming | I SPY, IN JULY

Who wins out in a fight? No I'm not talking Batman Vs Superman - it's DVDs Vs Streaming!   With the addition of more streaming sites and options than ever, which one is better? I go through my thoughts on DVDs, or signing up to 100+ streaming sites.   https://youtu.be/dohD4uoOQVo >>Check all about my first… Continue reading DVDs Vs Streaming | I SPY, IN JULY

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Decluttering My Life

I did something last week that lifted my spirits, made me feel more settled, and more organised (if that's possible)... I began the process of DECLUTTERING. I recently got the inspiration to sort through my vinyl record collection and DVD collections. It felt amazing to go through and pitch the stuff I wasn't going to watch or listen… Continue reading Decluttering My Life