marvel villain

Top 10 Marvel Villains

Let's face it - supervillains are all the rage! The public is clamouring for more Villains, so I decided to list the top 10 heroes. I will admit, that my comic knowledge isn't vast, so I'm sure I'll miss some pretty important people. Anyway, in no particular order, here are the TOP 10 MARVEL Villains: Doctor… Continue reading Top 10 Marvel Villains

dc villain

Top 10 DC Villains

There are so many SuperVillains out there - and Marvel doesn't have the monopoly on villains! Here's the top DC list... With my (again) limited comic knowledge, here is the list in NO particular order of the best Villains that DC has to offer: Captain Cold   Deadshot   Gorilla Grodd   Lex Luthor  … Continue reading Top 10 DC Villains