I Made My Deadline… Just!

Okay, I just made it... and I feel uber relieved! Oh. My. Gosh. I was a little crazy this past month.. I tried to fit about 2 months worth of work into 1 😛 😀 🙁 Doing a 2nd draft edit in the final before editors deadline was a little dumb, but I MADE IT!… Continue reading I Made My Deadline… Just!


Creation Quirks | CGSP PODCAST

I'm not just a writer, I dabble in various creative forms (like music, photography and painting). Because I wanted to bring some of myself into my writing, and do something fun with my book, I've created some quirks. Music is a huge part of my life, so I managed to involve it somehow. How, you… Continue reading Creation Quirks | CGSP PODCAST


Deadlines: Motivation or Crippling Fear?

It's five minutes until you have to hand in that report for work, that assignment for class, or that manuscript that you've been working on for six years... And it's not ready!! Okay, I hope that ISN'T you! Some people are great at the last minute submission, but when it's come to my book, I… Continue reading Deadlines: Motivation or Crippling Fear?


Meet My Characters (PART TWO)

Last time we went over the two women who were kidnapped, and some of their abductors. Today, I want to share the family and people they left behind. The information about Aaron, Tony, Sean, G and M is on this podcast episode, where more about the story is revealed through these introductions. Who are they?… Continue reading Meet My Characters (PART TWO)


Vintage Interests

What does it say about someone who'd rather watch I Love Lucy to Game of Thrones?  What about listening to Vinyl instead of MP3?  I don't care WHAT that says, because the reality is - I LOVE watching I Love Lucy, or popping in one of my 200+ vinyl collections, watching a VHS tape or… Continue reading Vintage Interests