Not everyone is ready for a cup of coffee at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon. So, I’ve got the highlights of my Live video for you! 

On Saturday, I chatted about my author partnership with A21. What does the Global Freedom Summit means for me – and you! Do you want to check out what I’M doing in the fight to abolish slavery forever? Check out the video of my Coffee Catch Up with Christy (FB LIVE) below:

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I hope you enjoyed the video, and I can’t wait to see YOU in the fight against human trafficking and modern day slavery. If you want more specific information on A21, you can check out their website >>>here. Or you can see my blog post where I went over the amazing partnership I’ve got for my first book KIDNAPPED ENTANGLEMENT

October is CRIME PREVENTION MONTH. Check your own country/state information on what you can be doing to prevent crimes against you, your family, and your community. We need to keep each other safe – especially in these challenging times! 

See You in The Adventures!

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