Rock, Paper, Scissors | First Alice Feeney Attempt

Alright we are back with another “attempt” to read a popular author that I hear about all the time, but had never actually read.

So, this one was difficult. I picked up a book that was a thriller, and that is seemingly what I got.. but when I want a thriller mixed with fantasy/supernatural potential, that’s usually what I would pick up. I didn’t like that this one semi-combined those two things together, and that was a BIG reason why I never made it to the end of this story. Let me clarify though, as a thriller only this one was pretty interesting. It had all the potential, but without the creepy element – that I thought was unnecessary.

Firstly, I think Alice is a good writer. I liked her writing, the style it was in, and the choices that I looked up spoilers and as I read along to see the various elements in her writing. The characters were interesting, and gave off those unreliable narrator vibes. Something that I have a 50/50 mind about, but Alice did a great job making them interesting and relatable.

While I did look up the twists and ultimately the ending, I will say that if I had continued the book I would have been satisfied with how the plot went and twisted into an interesting pretzel. I don’t know about the characters choices and moral centres, but I can say it was a nice assortment of twists.

The reason I decided to stop reading at around chapter 27 (almost halfway) was the overall creepy vibe that I don’t personally go for. EASILY, this book could have done without it. I understand it to an extent, but I also totally can see how it would have been fine without. It still would have been a very good thriller. Of course, writers can tell stories however they want, so Alice’s choice to include that element is totally valid. Personally though, it was that reason that made me give up on the characters and their story and reading the ending online instead.

Really minimal reasons for giving this one up, and if I had to rate based on my half read and knowing the rest of the plot, I would give it a 3.5 stars. It was good – and if you don’t mind creepy, this is one worth checking out.

See You in the Adventures!
Christy Grace

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