Charlie and the Chocolate Factory | Book Vs Movie

Okay, I finally read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for first time! After liking the Gene Wilder Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory film, and hating the Johnny Depp version I thought it was time to see what the book had to offer originally.

There were a few differences that I noticed between the book and the movies. I will say now, that mostly I am comparing to the Gene Wilder (GW) version of the film (as I actually like that one), but I might mention the Johnny Depp (JD) version on occasion as well.

I like that Wonka seems a lot more likeable in the book. He had more of a lighthearted attitude and relationship from the films. The GW Wonka was a bit more brusk in moments to make sure he was really choosing the right successor, and the JD was way more creepy. I also enjoyed things that were different with the kids and how they ended up being drawn into the factory. For example, Veruca Salts parents were also down the rubbish chute with her, because a kids spoilt behaviour is acutally not entirely their fault. Someone has to spoil them in the first place. I like that the book dared to say things like that!

Timelines were a little different, like when the group and Mike TV went into the TV room or glass elevators. Also interesting, was the GW scene where Charlie and Grandpa Joe snuck into the bubble room, this was nowhere in the book. No Slugworth “test” to see if they could keep company secrets, but there are more books to my recollection, so maybe they brought it in for the GW film?

I have to say, the Oompa Loompas seemed a lot more cheeky in the book, and more mysterious in the film. Their origin was really explored in the JD film, but even then I think they just had more cheek and less seriousness in the book. I really liked that, and maybe because they were so interesting and unlike the other characters (all humans), I would have loved to have seen and heard more.

A few final thoughts: I missed the songs they added into the film. JD was MILES away from what the book portrays Wonka as, but that is somewhat on the shoulders of Tim Burton though, as he was the director. He always seems to like doing really creepy stuff… I don’t know why.

Well, those are my thoughts, but if you read the book as a kid and loved it, or watched either of the films, what was your favourite part?

See You in the Adventures!
Christy Grace

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