Falling Down Rabbit Holes and Lonely Islands | Adult Reads Kids Books

Here we go again! There were so many classic children’s books that I had to split this list and come back again!

There are so many books that I hear about all the time, or watched the “Disney” version of and had never realised they were based on books – so I’m thinking it’s about time to read. I have a few hot takes so let’s get into the grit of it…

Alice in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll

This book was so chaotic, like an acid/hallucinogenic nightmare. I don’t know how this was for kids. The ideas and philosophies explored are very mature and adult – like Alice having an existential crisis… like, what?
There was such chaotic oddity and it was difficult to follow the train of thought amongst the rubbish.
Alice is just such a brat. She’s rude, easily angry and a know it all. She also LIKES being two people – hello mental health red flag?
Not only does she act like she knows it all, but she also tells herself to stop being silly or sad… those are totally normal emotions when you’re facing the craziness she was.
The audiobook I will admit, was fun to listen to with all the voices.

*2 stars

Stuart Little – E. B. White

Odd little story.
It had no really plot, just a bunch of things happening to a mouse who was supposedly part of a human family… odd, like I said. And everyone seems perfectly satisfied that animals can speak, be substitute teachers and own cars, paying for gas.
It was cute but kinda weird.

*3 stars

Peter Pan – J. M. Barrie

This book is straight up a parents worst nightmare. At least in the Disney movie, the kids were only gone one night, while the parents were away so they didn’t know they went missing… but THIS – they are gone for a long time. Long enough for us to see the parents basically losing their minds at home because all three of their kids have basically been abducted… ummm okay
So right off the bat, this book was so much darker than any other iteration I have seen, and it was pretty disturbing. Peter is both completely oblivious, and manipulative and sadistic. He likes to see kids in pain or trouble, casually suggests and follows through with killing people, and kidnaps kids with no regard to their wishes.. I hate him.
There was a lot more focus on Mr and Mrs Darling than I would have thought, but it made it all the more heartbreaking when their kids essentially disappear. Although I will say, Wendy told her mum that a strange dude was watching them sleep and she did basically nothing about it, except interact directly with Peter and steal his shadow. I thought the whole point of PP was that kids basically dreamt or imagined someone like him, not that he was REAL and that parents actually saw him. Either that, or everyone in the Darling family is Schizophrenic.
Hearing a little bit about how Fairy magic and life works was interesting, but the rest of this book was un-savable for me.

*2 stars

Nim’s Island – Wendy Orr

Cute book, with an unusually brave kid and animals that have a lot more awareness than real seals and lizards. Still, I enjoyed the story and it was good for the proper demographic (not an adult haha!).
I would let my kids read this and hope they got a sense of adventure too!

*3.5 stars

Well, that was PART TWO of the kids books – and I think I’m done for now… If you want to see more let me know by liking this post or sending through a comment.

Do you enjoy these “classic” children’s books and think my opinion is rubbish? Comment below your FAV of the books I read above and let me know why.

See You in the Adventures!
Christy Grace

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