The BEST Marvel Chris | Classic Debates

Alright, this has been going on for a while now… just how many people named “Chris” does Marvel want to hire? Let’s get some more so we can keep going on this train! In the meantime, let’s finally face the decision to see WHO is the BEST Marvel Chris…. Spoilers, it isn’t me (even though wouldn’t that be cool!)

Everyone is going to have a different view, and different reasons as to why they put their list the way they do. The reasons I have for who made it where in my list include the Character they play, how much I enjoyed their performance of said character, and the actor in general… so yeah, let’s do this! Winner is first, and they just keep going down the list – I should also mention that I like ALL of these actors, so nobody is a loser… they just didn’t come first. Okay, enough stalling – let’s go!

Chris Evans – The Human Torch

Captain America – the beacon for good old fashioned values… and a kick ass (language!) hero. I love Cap, he is one of my favourite heroes that Marvel did over the past 10+ years, along with Iron Man. Torch did a great job at being a nice guy who just happened to have strength to kick Americas…. butt. I could watch him all day, and he’ll always be on my left – sort of. If you count my DVD’s being on the left hand side of the TV.

Chris Pratt – Jurassic Park Dude

Star-Lord is an interesting one. He loves the 80s and Kevin Bacon because it’s pretty much the last memory of Earth that he has. That’s all good in my book, because not much else that has come out since is any good. But seriously, Jurassic is hilarious and plays the part well. He certainly is good at distracting those turd blossoms.

Chris Pine – King Of Genovia

Okay, I know, I know that TECHNICALLY Steve Trevor is not in the Marvel universe.. he’s DC with Wonder Woman. BUT, I think he deserves to be on this list… and not just because it was another Chris to add to the pile (though that was a consideration, I will happily admit). The other thing that sets apart his WW character is that he’s not the hero… he’s basically the damsel in distress, but we’re rolling with it anyway. I love Genovia, so he made the list and I won’t apologise! Besides, Steve Trevor can save today, so there you go.

Chris Hemsworth – Nerdy Guy?
(Is that what this character was supposed to be..?)

Thor ended up last on the list for a couple of reasons, but first let’s address the elephant in the room. I, an Australian, put the only Aussie last on my list. Yes. Yes I did. Anyway, even though I LOVED the third Thor film, the other two lean a little close into the whole little g god thing… and as a Christian, I don’t really dig it. So, even though the 3rd film WAS objectively funny, and Nerdy Guy is pretty good, he did end up last. I suppose the only thing for him to do is file an appeal, or he could always play “get help”.

Classic debate, so where do you rank the characters I mentioned (because let’s be real, ranking actual people isn’t particularly nice… so it’s all about the characters.. yup, that covers me). Do you agree, or not? Pop your order in the comments and tell me why!

See You in the Adventures!
Christy Grace

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