List of my Top 5 Authors

Everyone likes different books and authors, and there are many (many, many, many) places you can go to get recommendations. Booktube, Booktok, Instagram, Goodreads, Storygraph, Amazon… just so many more – and that didn’t include blogs like mine.

So, I decided to jump on board and share the top FIVE authors that I LOVE and will never shut up about if we are debating who is a great author… here they are!

Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker is almost the ultimate in terms of Fantasy or Dark Crime, and you’re looking for it to hold a hopeful note thread throughout. With probably his most notable works being the Circle world, Ted manages to twist your brain into a pretzel with his incredible worlds, interesting characters, and almost philosophical ideas. By the end of a Dekker book, you’ll find yourself not only with heart pounding after an incredible adventure, but your brain melting with new world views that you HAVE to explore – or you’ll explode. Okay, so I might be overselling it just a little BUT Dekker has a way of dragging you into a new world and leaving with the desire to keep going back for more every time!

Bethany Turner

Almost to the opposite end of the spectrum, Bethany Turner is a hilarious, heart warming and dig in deep to root out the feels Contemporary Romance author. She has a way of bringing very serious, very real situations and adding humour that has me almost rolling on the floor and coughing for five minutes because I laughed too hard. Not even exaggerating. She is absolutely hilarious, cuts right to the heart and leaves you with ALL the feels and hugging your book to your chest, wishing there was another story to keep reading.

Brandon Sanderson

Brandon is a widely known name in the Fantasy community, and actually just all over the place really. While I’ve only actually read the Reckoner series, I LOVE his writing. I Love his style, and every time he talks about his work and how he does what he does, his passion for writing and telling stories shines through. An absolute legend, and an author that will ALWAYS be worth reading.

Dee Henderson

Okay, this one is a specialty type of author – Dee Henderson is a Romantic Suspense writer of Christian Fiction. Her early works include the O’Malley series, which follows a family of orphaned adults (who adopted themselves when nobody else would) who all work in very serious and high stakes jobs. The stories are edge of your seat worthy, and the romances are beautiful – especially in the midst of danger and family drama. Dee started writing a lot more slow paced books as she kept on, so if you like fast paced, stick with the early works. If you dig that slow burn, you can check out later ones like Taken.

Ally Carter

Again, another change of tone and pace – a Young Adult writer who creates adventurous and suspension of disbelief teenagers. The Gallagher Girl’s series follow a teenage spy school for girls, while the Heist Society series follows teenage thieves… yeah it’s that kind of world for Ally, and we’re all just living in it. These books may be written for teens, but dang if they aren’t fun and easy to get through. I love her writing, and if you want something to dive into without ripping off your skin with worry, this would be it.

Well, those are my top five authors that I would recommend any day of the week. Of course there are so many amazing stories, and incredible writers who bring those to life. It’s impossible to choose just five – and that’s what makes reading such an amazing experience. Every time you find a new cast of characters to love, and add authors onto your list of favs (Like Marie Lu’s Legend series!) you get to put another notch on the belt!

Who are your fav authors? Let me know in the comments so that I can celebrate them with you!

See You in the Adventures
Christy Grace

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