Was I Wrong About Audible/Audiobooks?

I have been soul searching over the past year or so… and by soul searching I mean that I have recently come to appreciate Audiobooks in specific circumstances!

I recently did a video about how ridiculous Audible was, and trust me, I was perfectly happy to stand on that ground and die on the hill… then I had to travel every day for a while and realised just how helpful audiobooks can really be.

So I revisited Audible, and I changed my mind about a few things. Some of it remained firmly in place – like paying for access and only getting to listen to one book a month for free…. but some of it, like how useless it would be for me, has changed!

If you want to see my full thoughts and contrite retraction, check out the video on my CGSP youtube page here:

Do you like audiobooks? I know they’re on an uptick in terms of popularity, and even though I am starting to come to the dark side, have you been there all along?
What was your favourite audiobook? Share in the comments!

See You in the Adventures!
Christy Grace

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