I Succeeded(?) My Romance Reading Challenge…

Okay, so I gave myself a matter of days to read a bunch of romance books, and I think I did pretty good!!

I didn’t get to them all, but here are my reviews for the ones that I DID get through:

Better Than The Movies

Funny, littered with fun romcom references and fully what you want from a romance.

I loved the banter, I loved the characters and their relationships. I loved the old school style and references to classic romantic comedy’s.

It was such a fun ride and I finished almost the whole book in just one afternoon!

*5 stars

Impossible (or The Impossible Us)

To write a review of this without spoilers is almost impossible (pun intended)…. But let me try

I liked it overall. It took a very surprising turn that totally flipped what I thought it would look like – which was nice.
The writing was good and I liked the email elements.
There was a bit much swearing and other throw away attitudes that I didn’t appreciate, which contributed to at least one star down in my rating.
I liked the characters and their “impossible” love story was quite interesting.
The ending… I am on the fence as to how I feel about it but will say it punched me in the stomach, but by the final line, I was almost okay with it… almost.
(I listened to the audiobook and loved the two voices for the two characters).

*3 stars

Meet Me In The Margins

I didn’t care that this book was somewhat predictable, because I had so much fun reading it.
The characters had great chemistry, they were flawed but willing to do something when they had a chance, and there was all the drama!
I love books about readers and writers, so this was IT for me. Editors meeting in the margins over the course of a month and working on a book? Yes!
There was a lot of really funny but genuine moments, and the BANTER was just so great. Melissa wrote this book with a great flow and it was easy to speed through and stay up way too late just to finish it!

*5 stars

The Do-Over

Loved this one – it was funny, entertaining, and somehow made you forget the Groundhog Day trope being so overdone. I didn’t mind one bit, and instead got to thoroughly enjoy myself as we followed Em throughout.
Funny, entertaining and relatable.
I thought some of it became predictable and I could see the direction, but I enjoyed it in spite of that. The characters had a natural feeling progression and sometimes surprised you. This one was beautifully executed and I loved listening to the audiobook!

*4 stars

A Lady’s Guide To Fortune Hunting

I must admit, this book surprised me. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did, but the characters were fun, the story quite good and even though it was a trifle similar to many other books written in the time period, I think it stood its ground.
I didn’t enjoy some POV head hopping, and I would have liked an extended ending, but otherwise it was most enjoyable.

*3 stars

Have you ready any of the books I made it through? If you have, share your opinions below! You can also see the CGSP video I made chatting about these books here:

See You in the Adventures!
Christy Grace

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