Bluelight Glasses – Are They Worth It?

I’ve heard it said that when you DON’T wear glasses, you like the way you look, and when you DO wear them, you hate the way you look. Maybe it has something to do with not having a choice in the matter, but either way I will confess right off the bat – I don’t need glasses.

Having said that, when I heard about this thing called ‘Bluelight Glasses’ on the radio about two years ago, I thought it sounded amazing. I didn’t have a sound knowledge of the technology that goes into the lenses or why it was supposed to help with sleep or eye concentration etc, but I knew that it was worth trying.

I always liked putting on my Dad’s glasses. I liked the way I looked, and felt (which was smart). So when I found out that it could be something I can wear without looking like a crazy person (just that I liked how they looked instead of having a purpose) I was down! The only catch, was that I didn’t want to pay a hundred or more dollars. So, I ordered a pair online. They were only $10.

Let me stop here, and share some of the reasons people like Bluelight glasses:

There are a couple of different claims, with some being more backed by actual science rather than others. While some people claim certain things (now vastly more popular than when I started wearing them) not everyone seems to have the same experience. Here are the general claims, then I will share what I have noticed personally.

  • They help with sleep patterns, as they combat the “blue light” in screens before you go to sleep. So as not to mess up your saccadic rhythm, they will make sure you are not exposed to the light that is infused in lightbulbs, screens and even the sun to keep us awake
  • They help with eye strain, keeping you able to focus more on the screens you look at all through the day, and at night
  • They stop tension headaches by doing the above – helping not to strain your eyes
  • Protect your overall eye health and abilities

Alrighty, there’s the main reasons people like these glasses, so what have I actually found in the past two years of wearing them?

The main reason that I find these glasses beneficial, was the sleep factor. I was sleeping fine before I started, but when I did wear them (and particularly in those last few hours before I went to sleep) I had deep and relaxing sleep where I woke up feeling way more rested than I ever had before. Then, a strange thing happened when I didn’t wear the glasses before bed… I had broken sleep that wasn’t restful at all! In the months and years since, I found a nice balance where I mostly have good sleep, but when I notice things are a little more broken and challenged, I wear the glasses more consistently in the hours before sleep and it sets things back in order.

I have never really been sure about the eye health claims, or the stopping of headaches and tension as this wasn’t something that I ever struggled with. HOWEVER, there was a claim which some don’t put faith in, that I have found was affected for me. As I said about, the sun actually contains the blue light in the light spectrum, and it’s what helps keep us awake and all that fun jazz. General lights around us also have it, which means that it isn’t just screens which are potentially messing with our eyes and sleeping patterns.

Something I found, was that when I was driving either late at night, or when I was particularly tired, if I slipped on a pair of the glasses (because you better believe I have more than one pair in different styles), I noticed a change. I didn’t squint into the road quite as much, and my eyes relaxed. A weight was lifted off their shoulders in trying to filter the lights themselves. This is what I’m guessing of course, because I am not a doctor or scientist who has done research on this topic.

What this has done, however, is make my eyes lazy. Since using it for this purpose, I find myself reaching for it more and more. My eyes have fallen into the pattern of knowing that because this amazing invention (my eye’s reasoning), they didn’t have to do the work. Instead, they send the signal that they’re too tired and lazy to work properly, and I reach for those lenses. It works, because I know it’ll fix it. My eyes won’t squint so much, and I’ll feel the burden of seeing lift. It seems odd, and I’m sure some of it is psychosomatic, but I don’t really mind. I have the glasses, and in the future I might end up needing prescription anyway (I am fully aware of what happens when you get older) so why not?

I think Bluelight glasses have the potential to help, and that each person experiences something different is also somewhat fascinating. If it’s helping people – even in a placebo way – then I say bring it on! They aren’t dangerous or limiting, so why not?

Have you tried Bluelight glasses? What have you heard about it? Share in the comments below!

See You in the Adventures
Christy Grace

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