Reading a “Scandal Sheet” To Get Smarter | Day 5

Five days is a work week… so that counts as a week, right? Well at any rate, this is the FINAL day of my reading a physical newspaper every day to see if it makes me smarter, or that it ads value to my life. Here’s the final thoughts and results!

So it was day three of reading the same Australian newspaper sheet, and I managed to sort of finish it off. This time there were a lot of skipped or skimmed articles, but not because they weren’t altogether interesting. Yes, some of them weren’t of any interest… particularly on a Saturday.

I did love to see a Book Review, that was fun. Plus the articles themselves were varied from world events that were well covered and balanced, to celebrity pieces that were actually interesting without being “sensationalised” to the point of being sick.

If I had to choose a paper to read each day, it would absolutely be The Australian. But will I be racing to read a newspaper every day? No. Even online? No. I think being informed is a good thing, but that much information all at one time each day, is not for me. I would rather only know things that of importance to my immediate life.

Then, I suppose that is why a lot of people DON’T opt for a paper or to look at news each day. Depressing topics, ideology you don’t want thrown in your face, or just plain information overload… I could see these easily being the reason.

Well, after the “week” is up, how do I sit? From Uneducated Slob, to Pretentious Snob… I think I’m feeling a little pretentious, because of my superior need not to read a paper (hold your hate comments, I’m joking). But I’m also feeling a little like a slob, because I’m not staying up to date with the world. I suppose you could say that I’m a Pretentious Slob

If you still read newspapers, let me know which ones in the comments? Why do you actually like them? I’d love to know! Otherwise…

See You in the Adventures!
Christy Grace

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