Reading a “Blab Sheet” To Get Smarter | Day 3

Okay, things are changing up a little!

After braving the rain to get the next newspaper (and without a bag mind you, I was fortunate enough to hide it under my top so it didn’t get soaked though) I have reached a conclusion… but more on that later.

This time, my newspaper of choice was The Australian. A different paper, for a different day. I wasn’t sure about this one, because most of my life I really have only heard about The Age and Herald Sun, but let me tell you… I was missing out!

I instantly recognised that this one was different than those others.

  • The news articles felt a lot more like ACTUAL news, rather than random bits of information
  • The articles themselves actually go into depth, and feel well covered
  • They are actually interesting pieces. News that you feel like you want to hear about, and know things that are important

So, let me get back to why today is different… Because this newspaper was actually interesting, I need to break it up. I’m getting weary of reading that much news every day, so to combat this, I’m using the rest of my week to keep reading the same paper from The Australian.

So, here we go with more articles every day. More information and more chances to feel smart. I made it through four pages of the paper, so here’s to the next lot tomorrow!

As for Slob or Snob, I am feeling decidedly Smart today and look forward to tomorrow bringing some more of THAT!

See You in The Adventures
Christy Grace

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