These Books Were Trash… ok that might be a bit harsh

A little harsh of a title, but I am talking about books that I have recently DNF’d. If you don’t know what that means, it’s just “Did Not Finish” – so the books that didn’t make the cut, couldn’t make it to the end;=, wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on.. etc

Books and stories are subjective, something I love will be despised by others and vice versa. I end up DNFing for various reasons, so I’m going to share some of the recents with you and the WHY.

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

Woman who touches people and bad things happen tries to escape captivity and figure out what’s going on…

This book was by no means a bad read. This was one of my outliers for a DNF where I just wasn’t in the mood in the time that I picked it up to read it. I actually still own this book, and would love to actually get to it one day (hopefully soon) – but for the time I tried it was not the one for me. Here’s hoping it will be soon!

Finlay Donovan Is Killing It by Elle Cosimano

Writer is mistake for a serial killer and gets drawn into a murder for hire…

Okay, so this book started out quite funny and was definitely an interesting concept. There was a bit too much of certain aspects in this for me – a drawing to various things that I didn’t appreciate. It was a completely PERSONAL reason for putting this book down. Nothing to do with the writing or characters really at all, just preference and for my own mind to be protected.

Dial A For Aunties by Jesse Q. Sutanto

Girl accidentally kills somebody and calls her interfering family to help her out of it…

Again, this one was a really great concept. It was actually HILARIOUS! I loved the writing style and the characters were awesome. The reason I didn’t finish this one, was simply a supernatural element that for me personally, didn’t gel well. There wasn’t anything outright crazy about it – just the mention of a family curse – but for me it was enough to put this one down.

Wildcard by Marie Lu

Video game reaches into the real world to try and destroy life as every free willed human knows it…

I LOVED the first book in this duology – Warcross. Absolutely LOVED it! The world and characters were amazing and complex and I just loved every minute of it. The follow up however, fell flat quite quickly for me. I think some of it came from being saturated in the world already and needing a break (which I am hoping to come back to another time). I also wasn’t a fan of where the characters were going and did read the spoilers online. I am hopeful though, that I can revisit this when I feel like delving in again.

Will by Will Smith & Mark Manson

Movie star recounts his life in surprisingly LONG detail…

Okay, I am not usually a biography person so let’s put that out there right now. There are very few “famous person” life stories that I am interested in. I did pick this one up post slap (and didn’t really care) but felt it dragged on a bit too much for me. There was too much detail and story that I frankly just didn’t care about. I sent this one back to the library and never felt the need to return.

The Summer Job by Lizzy Dent

Woman takes the place of her friend as wine expert overseas and tries to fake her way through the job…

I didn’t make it very far in The Summer Job but it was enough for me to realise it wasn’t my kind of book. There were too many reference to things I didn’t care about or wanted to know, and the characters hadn’t drawn me in quickly enough to overlook that for the sake of the book.

The Hawthorne Legacy & Final Gambit by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Billionare dies, leaving his money to a teenage girl and the family have to figure out why…

Okay. I’m ready to tackle this one – though I did leave it last for a reason. I read the first book “The Inheritance Games” and really did enjoy it. The reason I only read a few pages of the second book (and none of the third) before reducing the entire series to my unhaul pile are few, but important.
Too many occult references for my liking, and something about these books drew me in too much. There is liking something, and then there’s obsessive – this one felt too much of the latter. It made me feel icky after reading a few pages, but I felt drawn to come back too easily and quickly. There’s something on these books (and if you aren’t spiritually inclined that’s okay) that for me, it was a hard no to continue on.
I did finish the first and really liked it, the puzzle was fun and the characters interesting and challenging…. but overall it just wasn’t worth it for me to keep going.

Well, there you have it. The books that I just couldn’t get through for one reason or another.

What about you? What are some of the books you have hated and put down, just couldn’t get through or refused on principle to read? Share in the comments.

See You in the Adventures!
Christy Grace

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