How Did Storygraph Do? A Review of the Books it picked!

Not too long ago, I posted a video on Booktube about the book reviewing site/app Storygraph, and the books that I read from the suggested books that come up randomly each time you log in. The picks were varied, and I managed to get through them all, but how did they do? Were they all five star reads? We’re about to find out:

Tiger Queen by Annie Sullivan.

Great read! It was exciting, the character arcs felt realistic and seamless as they went through the plot, and the world was well defined.
I thought Kateri was strong and independent but not too stuck in that mindset that she didn’t appreciate the help around her and realise when her false ideas needed to be adjusted – a fabulous balance.

Content warning: violence (fighting and injury descriptive), minor sexual harassment type content


The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes.

Interesting puzzles. Fun characters. Solid writing style.
Characters certainly hit the buzz words/characteristics – independent “don’t-need-a-man” women, “diversity” “brooding-and-sensitive” and “im-amazing-but-dont-realise-they-all-care-for-me”

A *personal* dislike was the few mentions every so often of new age references.


Plot Twist by Bethany Turner.

Loved it!

Funny, heart breaking and warming, and swimming with coincidence..
I loved the characters and the progress. I loved that each chapter saw our characters a year later, and chose to read a chapter a day which was a fun way to experience it.
Fabulous as always Bethany


The Gryphon Heist by James R. Hannibal.

After a slow start reading, I plunged into the audiobook and then boy did this one fly.
I think the start dragged a little, but once we got into the heart of the story it was a fun and exciting read.
The character development was great, and I loved the heist and adventure plot. The CIA stuff wasn’t as interesting, which was unexpected, and I didn’t realise we had a follow up book.
Pretty solid read.


The Last Christian by David Gregory.

At this point, I feel I can only give the scattered thoughts on this book while I continue to turn over and over in my brain the implications of this incredible story.
I hope they make sense and give enough weight to the amazing plot, characters and theological ideas:

– great to have someone who doesn’t know much about the world as a central focus – makes the world building seem natural and understandable
– Though written in 2010 we aren’t far off from these ideas and mindsets so it’s almost eerie in how close it is getting to no Christian religion or traditional values
– Eerie close mentions – a global flu pandemic, no absolute truth but individual perspective viewed as truth
– From POV of people who don’t really remember much about Christian faith, and so going through a pretty broad but important overview of the faith. That was interesting but I could see how for someone not Christian, it could seem preachy
– A lot of characters to keep track of
– Medical procedure a little too intense for me
– Fascinating intelectual discussion of Christianity; gods out working in our lives as Christian’s and our connection to him
– Concepts are quite dense but explored and unpacked in an intelligent and coherent way
– May be sections that are a little too cerebral (pun intended) so not for low level readers


If you couldn’t tell from the very LARGE image and review, my favourite read of this TBR – and of the year in 2022 as a matter of fact – was The Last Christian by David Gregory. It surprised me so much, and was such an incredible world and journey for the characters and themes explored.

Well, I can’t wait to do another exciting TBR and reading adventure as I make my way through my ever continuing physical book pile!

See You in the Adventures!
Christy Grace

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