Spotify thinks the most IMPATIENT generation is good at waiting….. *eye roll*

I heard one of those stunningly read ads on Spotify (just a little fellow voice over appreciation for those that read on air) recently, as I don’t have the paid ad-free version. Normally, I tune them out like I would any advertisement – something my Dad often muted when they came in the ad breaks over the television. This time however, something stopped me in my reading tracks.

I noticed a very fascinating claim, that I couldn’t go one minute longer than to address… and since this is a great place to verbalise (well… type anyway) my frustrations, here we are.

This particular group claimed something so astounding, so astonishing, so unbelievably idiotic that I roll my eyes widely every time I hear it…. that we are a generation that is used to waiting.

Ha! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

We are anything BUT a generation that is used to waiting. We are the generation these days, who believe we are entitled to everything, that it should come in the “fast food” lighting speed, and that if you have to wait for it, you can probably find a shortcut instead and work around so it’s easier and quicker.

The very concept of being used to waiting for things is ludicrous. So, why is this something I feel strongly enough about to comment on? If the above points were not enough for you, let’s focus in on the main reason I believe this “used to waiting” idea is so very fallacious.

The “Fast Food” affect is a real problem for our world right now. We are used to things being microwaved, and thrown at us in a paper bag through a window while sitting in our comfy cars with climate control and our favourite tunes. We are used to shortcuts in life to become successful, like making a funny video and becoming rich, influential and famous with just a small amount of initial effort. We find “love” online and chat with several people all at once – then we’re surprised when the IRL relationship flat lines. We are used to people removing roadblocks for us because we complain about difficulty, triggers, what we “deserve” and oppression (real or imagined).

What we expect now, is nothing less than a fast food version of everything. So is it really a surprise to hear that I believe we aren’t good at waiting? Those long lines at your favourite fast food restaurant isn’t even enough to get you to wait patiently. If you decide to get in the queue at all, by the time you reach the window, your patience is short. Then, if you’re asked to sit in the waiting bay…. look out!

This is not a generation who is good at waiting. This is not a generation who is used to waiting.

This is a generation who doesn’t know how to work hard anymore. The old adage “good things come to those who wait” is no longer the standard. “Working hard, or hardly working” is also gone with the wind…

Yes, we still have things we wait for – like the release of a new movie, book, game or album. We still have to get in the lines we don’t like, and wait our turn (though most of us miss the memo about being nice to those who serve you). We also still have to wait for our turn – whether that be in finding a relationship that lasts, getting our big “break” in whatever career we want, or being noticed in the place you feel most invisible.

Just because our world still has waiting in it, that doesn’t mean we are used to doing it. Or that we have a good attitude when we reach the other side.

Waiting has never been fun, it still isn’t, and it never will be. But, it is a part of life.

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