‘Come Little Flower’ by Christy Grace

A flower in the midst of a radioactive field

A mystery, with life surrounded by death

Unexplained, but with vibrant detail

It sways in the breeze, as the wind brushes over

Around there is barren land

Around there is destruction and poison

Toxic, a favourite word of those side by side

With no real view of the root of the fumes

A heart being slowly broken down to the core

Without great explanation of the things it will cause

So what is the flower to do in the midst?

When everything around seems broken and bleak?

It lifts its eyes to the sun and seeks for its warmth

It ignores all the calls to submit to the flaws

It chooses to grow, and to listen to the Son

For it knows the answers, and is willing to come.

Come little flower, to the source of the light.

Come little flower, come with all of your might.

-Christy Grace

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