Book Review Site Picks My Reading For November | Storygraph TBR

If you haven’t seen my Booktube video for November, I let Storygraph pick the books that I read this month! With a selection of twenty, it was painful (sort of) to cut down the list to five reads, but we did it…. So here they are:

The Last Christian

A Christian comes out of hiding to find out that IA has taken a huge leap forward, with most people transferring their consciousness into silicon bodies… but what are the repercussions of that for a Christian and what we believe in terms of your soul/spirit?

The Gryphon Heist

A floating tech vault of important secrets is potentially in danger – and newbie CIA agent must work with a civilian in Moscow to try and save it from the heist they believe is coming. Who can be trusted, and what will they find out?

The Inheritance Games

Plot Twist

An up and coming script writer and actor meet in a coffee shop, planning to come back ten years later. One has become uber successful and the other is still up and coming – will he show up? Will they still have a spark?

Tiger Queen

A princess set to be queen – if she can pass the test. One door has the key to the city, the other has a tiger she must face. Choose wisely…

I am so excited to get to reading these books – and if you have read any and had some thoughts, share them in the comments. I’d love to know what i’m getting myself into this month!

Check out the video if you’d rather here:

See You in The Adventures!
Christy Grace

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