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MONSTERS INC | Where’d They End Up??

Did you ever what would have happened to characters we knew and loved as kids (and let’s face it, mostly from Disney cartoons)? Where’d they end up anyways?

Well, I’m taking that guess work out for you and telling you EXACTLY where they ended up, and what their lives look like now. At least, how I always saw things working out.

This post looks at the incredible world of Monsters Inc, and whatever happened to Boo?! We saw more of Mike and Sully, but not the girl who started the adventure… so here we go

What If Boo Grew Up? (Monsters, Inc. 2) - YouTube

Okay, in case you never saw it, or need a quick refresher, heres’ the rundown of Monsters in in just 5 words:


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Okay, so here’s the rundown of what I think happened to ‘Boo’ in the time since the first movie came out:

  • With a photographic memory, Boo (or Mary as she is known in the human world), has always remembered her trip to the Monsters world. Nobody believed her, but she maintained that it really happened. After a while, she realised nobody would ever believe her and she didn’t say another word about it.
  • Instead, Mary began a lifelong search to get back to the Monster world and prove it all existed. She chases down leads of kids getting scared by Monsters in their closet, but comes up empty. Finally, she realises something VERY important – Monsters don’t scare anymore! When she realises, it opens the final clue that she needs.

    monster inc gifs Page 2 | WiffleGif

  • In the meantime, she went on with her other life (in the human world), became a police detective, got married, and had a kid of her own. It was when her own daughter said that a monster had made her laugh, that she got the chance to go back!

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  • One night, Mary sneaks through the closet door after the monster who had come to make her laugh. She sneaks through the ‘laugh floor’ and runs right into Mike! He – understandably – is concerned that an ADULT is in the Monster’s world, but using a special translation device, Boo is able to explain quickly who she is and how she came back.
  • While she and Sully are catching up in his office, Mike walks in and panics (in true Mike fashion). When he realises who she really is, he calms down (somewhat) and they agree to hide her the best they can in a disguise so if anyone else walked in, they wouldn’t be too terrified. 

boo monster inc gifs | WiffleGif

  • Mile explains that he married Celia, and they have two kids – a boy and a girl, the girl is called Boo. After a while of catching up, they all realise that she can’t stay, and she heads back to her daughter’s door. When she opens it, she goes to say goodbye and just as she is about to close the door forever, Mary’s daughter hugs her leg, staring out at the Monster’s her mother knew when she was a kid.
  • Finally, as the CDA is closing in on them, Boo/Mary closes the door with tears in all of their eyes forever. Agreeing that it isn’t safe for her to ever return. She closes it and the Monsters shred the door, but she feels happy that her experience was finally proven true, if only to her daughter – Kitty.


Well, that’s where I saw Boo ending up. How did you think it would be 20+ years after the movie? Comment below…

See You in The Adventures!

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