5 Things I’d Love To Learn

Quiero aprender cosas nuevas.
Okay, did you understand that? If not, don’t worry because neither do I!

Okay, so I know what that translates into because I typed it into Google translate, but it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do. Learn Spanish!

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There are a few things on my list that I’ve always wanted to learn – and I’ve decided to share.

  1. Speak another language
    Spanish is among the top few that I’d love to learn (French and Russian are on there too). There’s just something about the language that I find drawing. It could be because my favourite TV show when I was growing up (and yes, still) was I Love Lucy. Ricky Ricardo was always confusing me when he was angry by throwing out Spanish in every episode 😀
  2. Ride a motorcycle
    Okay, this one might need some help – because in all honesty I’m half excited, and half TERRIFIED! There’s just something about zipping in and out of traffic that makes me concerned that a car driver would open their door and I’d go flying across the road.
  3. Solve a Rubik’s Cube
    People always seem super smart when they get these done in a few minutes – heck even in an hour, or a day. I have NEVER been able to grasp this one, but would love to pull it out at parties.

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  4. Write in shorthand
    A fun, easy way to get notes down really quickly. It was used a LOT back in the day, but not really anymore.. I’ve never used it anyway. I take so many notes, so often, it would really make things easier.
  5. Learn to Code
    I’m usually pretty good with computers, but coding is something that is a whole other language – literally. A brand new language, ones and zeroes, ways to read and write that I don’t know already… Plus, with the continuing rise of technology, it would certainly maintain job security.

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Okay, so I didn’t include some stuff like juggling, writing with my left hand, or moonwalking, but it’s a pretty good list, right? I thought so anyway.


What have you always wanted to learn? Share in the comments – love to hear about it. 

See You in The Adventures!

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