Don’t Wear a SPIRITUAL Mask

This is a season of masks. 

Physical masks have become the mandate from our governments, health professionals, colleagues, friends, and family. The goal is to keep us safe, but how many of us a wearing a mask over our spirit?

I was spending time with God, and he gave me a word that I couldn’t not share with you – this word is for YOU! It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, or what you’re facing, this is the word that God wants you to hear.


So, what do masks do?

  1. They hide your face. The remove the identifying markers that make people able to recognise you.
  2. They take away your breath. Often while wearing these masks, when we try to walk or talk with the masks on, we run out of breath/steam.
  3. They muffle/distort your words. We can’t always hear what that cashier behind the counter is asking us, because a mask is blocking the words – or the MESSAGE – that they are trying to share with us.

When God shared those with me, he added his own flavour to the mix. Advice, a pleading, a desire for us to not put a mask on our hearts or spirits. Because when we do, we end up doing the following:

  1. We forget our true identity in Christ. We are formed of his image, and we have a called identity to live without fear, but with peace, love, joy and so much more. Our IDENTITY is something we should never lose sight of.
  2. A spiritual mask can block the BREATH, or the Life in you. Sometimes we feel like we’re running out of steam, and it’s hard to continue. We can’t quite catch our breath. Don’t let the breath of life continue to work in you, and through you.
  3. We can find that the message/our words are distorted. When you are wearing a spiritual mask, you can be speaking out of hurt, out of misunderstanding, or many other things. This can be a problem. When we get the message – God’s message – out into the world, we need it to be clear, consistent, and correct. We can’t let it be muffled, distorted, or muted.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t wear the physical masks, but I am asking the question. Are you wearing a SPIRITUAL mask?

This is a strange season, but if you feel like you are wearing a spiritual mask right now, reach out to your pastors – who are called to lead and guide you. Reach out to your family or friends – who you know and trust to show you how to take off this mask. Don’t lose sight of God and his word.



Love ya’ll!

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